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How do I cancel my subscription?



  • jaynedecore

    I cannot get on to my account to cancel subscription please cancel for me

  • Yvonne Broadbent

    I cannot get on my account to cancel my order please it to much

  • Pauline

    I want to cancel my subscription my dog Twinkle hates this food will not even look at it when I put it down

  • Christine Lowen

    I want to cancel my order permanently please ie, this week’s delivery, my puppy will not eat your food.
    I am experiencing great difficulty in trying to cancel this order

  • Colin Barker

    Please cancel any future deliveries

  • charliekspencer24

    I've cancelled 3times but u are still taking money from my account and sending me dog food for a dog that is deceased and it's very upsetting, I can no longer login cus it will not take my email and password. I will be calling tomo if I get a answer


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